Meet the Team




I’m a skiier who fantasizes about being a snowboarder. I have four teenage kids. Fortunately, I have no trouble keeping track of their birthdays. My lovely wife’s name is nearly the same name as mine (Morgiana), which sometimes confuses people.

I’ve traveled and lived all over the world and hope to one day visit Greenland.

Sometimes I dream about marshmallows. Seriously.


Customer Service Superhero

Crazy about my 7 year old Jacob (who plays too much Minecraft - grrrrr). I'm married to Doug, a pizza restaurant owner (who brings his work home - sigh..., but the food perks are great), and a really good day for me can be organizing kitchen drawers - I'm serious!

I love what I do for Birthday Alarm and have warmed up to many of the members I've been fortunate to help out over the phone. I give 100% of my time to my job and hope you experience Customer Service in a much more positive way.



CSS Wizard

Sure, I studied English literature and love libraries, but my real passion is making my cat do ridiculous things on video. So, naturally, I gravitated toward the world of Ecards.

When not writing beautiful code for BirthdayAlarm, I’m probably out doing yoga, running or biking around San Francisco.


Lead Developer

Rain-weary Brit, seeks a California lifestyle and full head of hair.

Among my other not-so-classified details, I have a few kids that I’m prepping for careers in snowboarding. Their stunning and exceptionally talented mother rounds out their education with other assorted bits of wisdom and knowledge she believes are more practical.

You can find me either at the computer or at the ping pong table.



Making Things Pretty

I’m the designer at BirthdayAlarm, but at home I’m an athlete, keeping up with 2 small, highly energized boys and a mischievous Jack Russell Terrier named 'Eugene'.

I love to hike, but I'm still searching for a pair of hiking boots with a fashionably high heel.


System Architect

Old school programmer who mostly uses the internet for Email. Otherwise you'll find me outside, gardening like I make software: one step at a time and goodbye bad bugs. Classic wisdom still applies: 'waste not, want not', 'haste makes waste' and 'when you reach a fork in the code, take it!'

Normally I also believe 'don't eat anything bigger than your head', unless it's a strawberry-rhubarb pie.



Front-End Developer

I'm an outgoing and energetic young developer, born in the dreaded land of Transylvania where I cultivated my coding, team-work and vampire skills. So far I've become a great front-end developer who works well within the team, but I seem to struggle with the whole turning-into-a-bat thing.

In my free time, I also manage a student bar and am currently trying to learn to make a decent Bloody Mary :)

Just started on my 5 year plan to change the world. Check back with me in a few years to see how I'm doing.


Back-End Developer

I used to be a beautiful, fit and young pole vaulter, now I'm big, fat, middle age software engineer.

Luckily I met my beautiful wife in the good times, so she wanted me. I won her by remembering her each birthday through the years!

We have a 1,5 year old daughter who can (properly) use iPhone, notebook, PC and camera... missed something? Probably :)

Occasionally I’m a pirate.



Customer Savior

Proud Latina, soccer fanatic and super busy mom of a five and three year old. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in International Trade in Mexico, and moved to California in the early 2000's where I met the founders of BirthdayAlarm. I am happy to still be part of this wonderful team Online customer support is what I do, and I am very passionate about my job. I like to give our members the best and most personalized service each time. Keeping customers happy is my goal and my reward.