The New Birthday Alarm: Welcome

What's Happened to Birthday Alarm?

Birthday Alarm has celebrated its 10th birthday and we decided that while 50 million members is proof that we got something right, it’s a great opportunity to update the site and make Birthday Alarm even more of a pleasure to use. We’ve been busy at work for almost a year, and are ready to share the fruits of our hard work with our users.

When Did You Release the New Site?

In May 2013 we began slowly releasing the new Birthday Alarm to a small percentage of our users, and have ever since been testing, making changes, and releasing to more users. On July 31st, 2013 we started releasing the new site to most users, completing the transition in August.

What's New?

We have made many changes, the biggest being that Birthday Alarm is now fully mobile-compatible. This improvement means that greetings and the website look great on the iPhone and iPad, as well as all laptop and desktop computers. We are also in the process of making the website available in a number of other languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese, and more!

Are All the Greeting Cards Live?

Of our 4000 greetings, most are now available on the new site. Our 200 interactive greetings are not currently mobile-compatible; however, fear not! We are working on migrating those as well.

Do You Have an iPhone App?

Yes! It's in the App Store and it’s free! — App Store

Do You Have an Android App?

Yes! It's in the App Store and it’s free! — Play Store

Are You Under New Ownership?

No, we're still owned and run by the same friendly team that launched Birthday Alarm over 10 years ago.

I Have a Suggestion!

Then please share it with us. We want to hear from you! — Feedback