Card Description

Animation of two toddlers talking. One gives the other a gift. He unwraps it and is unsure what it is. He's told it's a magic wand, though it's actually a turkey baster. SCRIPT IS AS FOLLOWS: KID A: Happy Birthday. (HANDS KID B A WRAPPED PRESENT) KID B UNWRAPS PRESENT AND LOOKS CONFUSED. KID A: It's a magic wand. KID B WAVES WAND. KID B: Abracadabra. You're a frog. KID A: (MATTER-OF-FACTLY) Ribbit. MOM WALKS PAST, GRABS MAGIC WAND, SAYING: There's my turkey baster. END CARD1: DON'T LET THE GROWN UPS TAKE THE MAGIC OUT OF YOUR BIRTHDAY END CARD2: HAPPY BIRTHDAY