Card Description

"The Best Ecard Ever" ecard by Ken Nash BLANK ECARD EXCEPT FOR THE NARRATOR (GUY) GUY: I heard it was your birthday, so i got you this! 530 x 300 pixels of prime web space! Plus, this greeting! INDICATES "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" TEXT ABOVE HIM GUY: And this button here. PRESSES BUTTON AND TEXT TURNS RED GUY: And this amazing scroll bar. TESTS SCROLL BAR, WHICH MAKES THE PAGE SCROLL GUY: And check out these control buttons. Rewind... PRESSES REWIND BUTTON GUY: and check out these control buttons. Rewind and Fast Forward... PRESSES FORWARD. CARD SPEEDS UP ALONG WITH HIS VOICE. HIS VOICE WILL NOT BE INTELLIGIBLE DURING THE FAST FORWARDING, BUT HE WILL SAY SOMETHING LIKE THE FOLLOWING... GUY: There's a bunch of other stuff here too. I think it has email. Or something. And There's a lock, but I'm not sure what that does. And you can order things and feed things and print things. And it's all really high tech and that sort of stuff. GUY HITS FORW