Fluffy the Pillow

Fluffy began his acting career in the esteemed role of Prospero in the Sag Harbor University production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. He went on to have acclaimed success in the long running Off-Broadway musical, 'Rest Now, Ye Weary Head!'

After a prolonged personal struggle at mid-life, Fluffy overcame great personal odds to re-establish his acting career. In addition to playing the lead role in the new BirthdayAlarm animated greeting card series Fluffy the Pillow, Fluffy recently completed work on the MSNBC mini-series pilot 'By George: The Making of a President' featuring Heather Locklear and Peter Griffith.

Ken Nash

Ken Nash assumed the role of Ken at an early age. His first performance was as a student in the Troy, Michigan public school system. After a brief run in Detroit and Chicago advertising agencies, Ken join a touring company, performing as Ken in such places as Czech Republic, Guatemala, Thailand, Latvia and San Francisco.

Ken is now the resident Creative Director of Ken Nash Productions based in Prague, Czech Republic. His illustrations and cartoons have appeared in numerous publications. His short fiction can be occasionally spotted in literary journals. More info: www.KenNash.com

We now have a whole series of world class animators who have created characters for BirthdayAlarm. To further highlight their exceptional artistic contribution to BirthdayAlarm, we are going to feature their work in an upcoming series of documentaries. The first, about Ken Nash, is below.