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When no one remembers your birthday

October 1, 2013

You’re hurt, gob-smacked, angry and agitated. It’s your big day, the once in a year time when you get to be feted, when you ought to be celebrated. And your loved one/ones have forgotten about it. Completely. Zilch. Blank. What do you do? 1) Be the Heroine/Hero of your life Dramatize. Sob. Weep. Pile on the guilt. Sigh loudly. Beseech their conscience. Mop around the house with your saddest expression. Give them so much grief for forgetting your birthday, that they’ll never forget it again. When should you do all this? Ideally half-way through your birthday so they have a chance to make up to you by evening/night. After all, what’s a birthday without some gifts/pampering? 2) “Go to the Mattresses” Remember what the Godfather said? That thing about it not being personal? Well, now do the exact opposite of it. Your birthday means a lot to you. They forgot it. It made you upset, uncomfortable and caused you grief. Now’s the time to transfer these feelings onto them. Forget to pick up that business suit from the laundry. Hide the television remotes. Don’t make coffee or pack school lunches in the morning. Don’t tank up the family car. Sulk and don’t answer questions. Nothing is petty, and all is fair in war. Make it personal. Sometimes the best way to jolt loved ones is by not letting them take you for granted. 3) Revenge is a dish best served wrapped Buy yourself a gift. An expensive one. Have you always wanted something that your spouse or family did not really see the point of? Get it. Even if you have to charge it to your spouse’s credit card. Or throw yourself a party that invites all common friends. Make sure to call them and tell them the party’s in honor of your birthday. Even when you know it’s going to upset the monthly finances a bit. Restrain your conscience and indulge. Sing “Happy Birthday to Me.” 4) Wash dirty linen in public What’s the best way to make sure your loved ones never forget your birthday ever again? Public humiliation! Let your status messages on social media sites talk about the lonely birthday you've had. Garner sympathy. Get lots of electronic hugs, cards, kisses and wishes. Not only will they beg for forgiveness, next year, you’ll have a lot more people wishing you on your big day! 5) Zen and the art of forgiving Take a couple of deep breaths. Then tell them they've forgotten your birthday. Crack a joke about it if you want. Tell them you’re hurt. If they give you excuses, say you understand. Then tell them you’d like them to make it up to you. Tell them how. Claim your happiness by making it your own. And remember to hold them to ransom for the rest of the year by reminding them of the time they forgot your birthday! The lives we lead are not easy, and all of us need reminding once in a while, about the ones we care for. To make sure no one forgets your birthday, and that you don’t forget birthdays either, try our free reminder service today!

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