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Top 5 Halloween costumes that are ‘in’

October 29, 2013

It’s now officially okay to begin hunting for your Halloween costume – although if you’ve begun sooner, we understand, we won’t tell anyone! Here’s our list of the 5 most popular costumes this year – the most anticipated and searched costumes that you can pick if you want to be ‘with it,’ or avoid if you don’t want to run into multiple clones. 1. Miley Cyrus’s Twerking Costume Infamous and imprinted in public memory – this one is an easy winner for the number one spot. Several online sites are selling the young singer’s ‘twerking teddy’ costume, complete with foam finger that made national news after her MTV Video Music Awards performance. To complete the look, simply part your hair in the middle, roll up two top knots, paint your lips a bright red and remember to keep sticking your tongue out every 10 seconds! If you’re dressing as a couple, your partner can dress as Robin Thicke and wear a black and white striped suit, sunglasses and a really lecherous grin! 2. Breaking Bad The Emmy-winning drug and crime show has gripped television audiences across the US. The ‘Breaking Bad’ finale raked in 10.3 million viewers on September 29, making it one of the most watched drama cable finales of all time. Make the most of the popular show’s anti-hero (Walter White) and his meth-cooking sidekick (Jesse Pinkmans) this Halloween. There are several varieties of White/Heisenberg costumes available online, although the yellow hazmat suit is the most popular. 3. The Royal Baby Never before has the birth of a baby captured such global attention, and the adulation surrounding Kat –Will –and their offspring refuses to end. One of the easiest costumes to put together, try your hand at enacting The Royal Baby by wearing a white onesie (adult ones are also available online). Prop a crown and paint the Union Jack in the front. Your props? A velvet cushion and a silver spoon place in your mouth! This is also a great costume idea for babies. 4. The Walking Dead Zombies and Halloween seem synonymous, although the zombie trend has received a whole new pint of blood in the arm thanks to the popular television series, ‘The Walking Dead.’ Online stores offer a plethora of props including rubber bloody split jaws, wigs, zombie kits, and Rick Grimes’ sheriff costumes 5. The Hunger Games Set for release on November 14, it is expected that the much awaited second installment, Catching Fire, of the book series will see a glut of Katniss Everdeen costumes. The guys can choose between Peeta Mellark although we personally prefer the more colorful Caesar Flickerman with his bright blue suit and hair! Other Honorable Mentions Nicki Minaj: The in-your-face singer’s fashion sense has been among the most searched costumes over the last couple of years. Wear huge false eyelashes, hair piled really high and stick your posterior out! Lone Ranger and Tonto: Disney’s ‘Lone Ranger’ movie may have bombed at the summer box office, but the eponymous characters and his sidekick Tonto, are a popular costume choice this year. Although we’re betting on more Tonto appearances – Johnny Depp characters have always been a Halloween crowdpleaser. Duck Dynasty: The nation’s most popular non-fiction television show offers simple and easy to put together costume options. Costume ideas include checkered shirt, camouflage vest, an American flag bandanna and detachable long beards. Remember to carry your duck whistle!

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