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Give a loved one a ‘heart-attack’

February 11, 2014

The names we use against our loved ones, especially when we are angry or upset, tend to stay on in their minds for a long time. This wonderful gift is a great way to make sure they remember what we actually think of them. A simple craft idea that’s festive, fabulous and oh so love-ly! The idea behind this craft is to put down something nice about your loved ones – whether you’re doing this for your kids, spouse or family. Just remember to keep it simple and everyday – because it’s those every day acts that often go unacknowledged. Some suggestions: “You are kind,” “You make the best cheesecake,” “You have a great voice,” or “You’re a loyal friend.” Take a few sheets of chart paper or card stock – we tried pink, red and purple, but you can take any colors that you like. Cut out heart shapes, in different sizes, as many as you want. Now, with a felt pen, write your comment. You can stick the hearts onto a picture frame (remove the glass and use the back board) with double-sided tape. You can also stick them onto room doors for a first-thing-in-the-morning ‘heart-attack!’

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