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Gifts you can make yourself

December 5, 2013

A handmade gift is more than just a ‘product.’ It is intention, thought, consideration, love, effort and time, all packaged uniquely, intimately. Christmas is a great time to make and gift something handmade: amid the glut of store-bought shiny baubles, nothing says personal quite like a handmade gift. You don’t have to be a fantastic artist or tool whiz to make something beautiful by hand. And in the same way, not all handmade gifts need resemble primary school craft hour. We bring you some beautiful handmade gift ideas that are incredibly easy to make, and are so good, you wouldn’t mind gifting these to yourself too! FOR THE KIDS A lot of families have a tradition to gift the children a new ornament for the Christmas tree, each year. It’s a great way to build memories and keep them connected with family traditions. While hand-painted ornaments are pretty popular, we give you a fantastic twist that will have the kids grinning from ear to ear: Superhero Ornaments. Begin by identifying the superhero logos you want: you can find them on the internet easily. Print and cut them out. Next, take some clear glass ornaments and remove the toppers. Pour matching acrylic paint - blue for Superman, red for Spiderman, slimy green for Hulk, you get the point - into each corresponding ornament. Make sure to get the inside of the ornament well coated all over. Pour out any excess pain and leave the ornaments to dry upside down (our expert recommends using empty toilet rolls cut in half as drying stands). Once the paint is dry stick the superhero logos with glue. Put the toppers back on and the super balls are ready to hang! FOR HER Decadent, pretty and gorgeously scented... Nothing says Christmas in a Jar like Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub! Sugar Scrubs are not just a popular bath must-have, they’re a great way to add some moisture and soften up winter-dry skin. An added plus it that it makes an ideal gift for a busy hostess, something to help her relax and de-stress. Take two cups of white granulated sugar and mix in a quarter cup Almond Oil or Coconut Oil. Add the oil slowly till you have a consistency that is soft but not too oily. Then add a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. Once this all mixed together, divide the scrub into two separate containers, in equal quantity. Add some red food color to one of the containers. Make a large funnel out of a piece of paper and add a small amount of the red sugar into a mason jar. Press the sugar down lightly so that it is evenly settled. Then add a white layer so that they are about the same height and flatten it. Repeat this for as many layers and as thick or thin a layer you would like! Complete with a pretty handwritten label (you can also look for free printable labels on the internet) and your pretty gift is ready! FOR HIM Buying/creating a gift for men/boys can be pretty straightforward, and that’s why sometime boring. There are very few gifts that can match the allure of a beer pack, so here’s how you can make this classic gift, Christmas-ready. Aptly named, Reindeer Beer, this is an easy and very attractive way to up style a regular beer pack. We recommend using bottles that are brown in tone, but if that’s not your giftee’s favored choice, stick to any brand you like. You could also use Root beer bottles instead. Take brown pipe cleaners and wrap them around the tops of the bottles, to create two basic antler-stems. Now twist smaller pieces around these to make the smaller antlers. Next, hot glue googly eyes on and a red pom pom for the nose, and you have your quirky and classic gift, ready! Have you ever made or received a handmade gift you loved? Share it with us!

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