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Faraway from Mum? You can still make her day!

March 25, 2014

Tell her she’s done a good job All mums wonder if they’ve done enough to raise good kids. They’ve worried about it over the sink while doing the dishes, while driving to work, and even as they waited for you to get back home late at night. One of the nicest ways of reassuring your mum is by sharing your life with her. You could write a letter or email, or skype with her. Tell her about the highs in your life. The stuff about you that you’re proud of. The things you want to change about you. Your resolutions. Your craziest idea. Just the way you used to share your day with her, when you came home from school. And at the end, remember to thank her for doing a good job. Give her the gift of romance Chances are, your parents got very little time alone. They had to work on their relationship while raising you and paying the bills and running the house. If you’re already a parent, you know what this feels like. This Mothers’ Day, gift your mum a chance to rekindle romance. It could be a romantic meal for two or a weekend getaway. For an even more special trip, send them on a rediscovery trip to all the places they visited on their honeymoon. Gift her memories of a lifetime Remember the million pictures and videos your parents took of you in your childhood? The funny faces, the embarrassing costumes, that horrible haircut? Time to pay mum back! Collect as many pictures you have of her right from your childhood. Make an album or a video and give her many laughs and a few sniffs. Let her discover how she’s changed over the years. Send her back to school Has your mum always wanted to learn snorkeling, but was too afraid or busy to try? Is she an incredibly good baker? If she has a hobby that she has been unable to pursue or build on further, now’s the time to step in and ‘parent’ her. You could book her a few training sessions or maybe a gourmet icing workshop. It could even be something as simple as a few encouraging words to push her in the right direction. Got something to share? Leave a comment!

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