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Easter activities for kids

April 15, 2014

Eggs + Crayons = Easter fun Hard boil a few eggs in a pot. Remove eggs from pot and let them stand for a minute. The eggs will be very hot, so this must be done by adults only. Now use crayons to draw on the eggs. Because of the egg’s hot exterior, the crayons will melt. Be creative and try different patterns. You can also mix colors – use one color as the base and then add another color on top. Just let your imagination run riot! When you finish, place the egg into the egg holder and pop it into the refrigerator for a few minutes. Once cooled, your decorated eggs are ready to be handled and displayed as you like! Eggheads with hair Take an egg and empty it. The idea is to break off the top and empty it while still having a good size shell left. Wash your egg and sit it in an empty egg box. Use stick-on wobbly eyes or use felt pens to create a face on the egg. Put some damp cotton wool inside the shells and sprinkle cress seeds over the cotton. Be generous with your seeds! Now keep the egg on a window sill where it can get some light. You can add a little bit of water again if the wool dries out, but remember not to add too much. In a few days, you’ll see ‘hair’ sprouting! You can also use grass seeds: this will let you give your egghead a haircut! Make as many eggheads as you like! Bunny basket for Easter goodies You’ll need a container (that will be the basket) and white cardstock paper for this easy and cute craft. Measure your white paper around the container. Cut the paper to fit the container, but leave a few inches of the paper extra long in the shape of bunny ears. Glue the paper around the container and color in a bunny face with markers or crayons. Glue a cotton ball to the back of the container to make your bunny tail. Fill with Easter goodies and display!

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