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5 Things Dads regret not doing with their Kids

June 14, 2014

Although fathers are generally viewed as the more laid-back parent, there is no denying the fact that fatherhood is as big a responsibility as motherhood. Today, being a dad is a lot more than being the one who brings in the money or teaches the kids to pitch. And although fathers don’t always voice their fears, we know most Dads would want to change a few things if they could. 1) More playground time It isn’t as if parents are the only ones who have no time. With school schedules and gadgets, children have lesser and lesser time to hit the park. As someone whose childhood memories are chock-a-block with hours of free play and buddy time, fort building and hitting the ball, most Dads regret the fact that kids are losing out on playground time. 2) Documenting parenthood The internet is proof that Dads are taking to parenting in a massive way, and raking in fame and fortune along with it. From stay-at-home dads who do nifty craft or writing projects with their kids and then share them on the internet to the guy who took a video of his gurgling toddler in the car seat and is now laughing his way to the bank, a lot of Dads are regretting the missed chances! 3) Watching the kids learn something new When was the last time you got the chance to tell your kid, “Here, let me show you how to do it”? Whether you’re struggling to make family time amid crazy work schedules, or have kids who seem to know it all (who doesn’t?), we know for a fact that most Dads regret that they feel increasingly irrelevant these days. 4) Walking the talk when it comes to discipline In a time when talent has become synonymous with success, hard work and discipline seem like redundant virtues. But there’s no short cut to life. You think working smart is better than working hard, but what Dad knows is that in a world where smart is everyone’s middle name, keeping your nose to the task and sticking around even when it doesn’t seem like a great idea, is the only way to make it work. And despite knowing all this, sometimes we make the same mistakes we want our kids not to make. Not being able to lead by example, is one of the greatest regrets a dad can have. 5) Being around more I grew up with my dad around a lot. Not necessarily doing something with me. Just around. Lounging. Watching game nights on TV. At the dinner table, each night, where sometimes we’d laugh our selves silly. I don’t know a single father today who does not wish he had more time on hands to just be with and around his kids. What regrets do you have?

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