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5 Terrible Birthday Presents

October 8, 2013

While it is true that it’s the thought behind the gift that counts, there are some items that should never be given as gifts. Never. We’ve rounded up the top five bad gift ideas that, hands down, are guaranteed to have someone remember you for all the wrong reasons. 1) Bathroom weighing scale Or diet cookbook. Or gym membership. Even if the person specifically asked for this, remember to steer clear. We understand you are health conscious and all, but no one wants to be told they need to shed a few pounds on their birthday, especially your girlfriend/wife. Perfect break-up gifts though. 2) Self help books Pretty close on the disaster scale to the health gifts mentioned above. Avoid the Chicken Soups and Successful Habits and Secret insights. No one needs reminding that they’re in a mid-life crisis, or on the wrong career path, or have a marriage that is falling apart. Even if you think they do. 3) Tickets to an event you like We understand that you’re going to be going along for the event. We understand it is your favorite goth band/new chick flick/BBQ festival. But remember, if you can, it is not your birthday! The last thing someone wants on their birthday is a gift that does not take into consideration their likes or dislikes. 4) Cheap gifts Necklaces on discount. Buy one get one free coupons. Family super saver meals at your local take out. Pack of three ties. Half-price wine that tastes like vinegar. The only thing that’s tackier than these gifts? A happy holidays coffee mug with the wrong initials. Some gifts are a hidden message that scream, Run! 5) Utilitarian gifts Hand towel sets, vacuum cleaners, pans, socks: perfectly good things that everyone wants, just not as gifts. Not now, not ever. Be prepared to face a very disappointed giftee when you give them something ‘useful’. Giving is one of the real treasures in life, so take a little time and use some creativity to find and give the perfect gift. Have you ever gifted a ‘terrible’ gift, or received one? What’s your worst gift ever?

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