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5 Priceless Gifts for your Mom

May 5, 2014

Whether you are best pals with your mom, or have a tricky relationship with her, there’s no denying the fact that what most mothers want, are things that money can’t buy. And although love and time need no occasion, Mother’s Day is a great time to gift your mom what she truly desires. These gifts that we’ve listed are not unique: and yet, they’re special and priceless. They are a fantastic way to say thank you to someone who has nurtured you to the best of her ability – and you can use them on mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law or mother figures! 1) Spend time with her. Take her out for a meal or coffee, or indulge in a pedicure together. Spend time with her as she goes about her daily routine/chores. Talk to her as she makes dinner, just like you used to when you were growing up. Go groceries shopping with her. Our lives are so busy and filled with work and family commitments that we rarely take out time to just sit and chat. 2) Listen to her. And we don’t mean just listen to her: we mean get to know mom better. Ask her what she felt like growing up. Did she have difficult moments as a mother? What are her milestones in life? The answers will surprise even those who think they know their mothers really well. Our concern and love tends to be so immediate that we often forget that our mothers are also women who evolved alongside motherhood. 3) Take up a hobby with her. Mom does tai-chi or yoga? Surprise her by attending a session together. Has your mum always enjoyed dancing? Sign up for a tutorial together. All her life she has invested her time and energy in helping you pursue your passions. Time to give a little back. 4) Give in to her. No matter how old we get, there’s got to be a few things that our mothers feel we can do better at. Maybe it’s kicking your habit of smoking. Or that you don’t keep in touch regularly. I know that sometimes what is being asked of us can be extremely difficult to give: but maybe there’s a middle ground somewhere? When I was a kid, I’d badger my mother for something I wanted, relentlessly. The arguments and whining would go back and forth. And then just when I least expected it, that shiny new toy that I’d wanted and that mom was so against, would find its way on my table. I remember that joy, that surprise, that incredible feeling. It’s time she experiences it too! 5) Say those three words. How long has it been since you told your mum you love her? Love can be at cross purposes often. We love our family: although it is the ‘like’ bit that is difficult. You may not always agree with your mom – and she with you, but it’s strange how life comes full circle. The love that your mom needs from you today is just as urgent and life affirming as the love you wanted in childhood. Go ahead. Give her a hug, hold her close. Let your hug linger for a few seconds more. And then tell her what she wants to hear from you: that you love her.

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