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5 non-romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2014

It’s considered one of the most polarizing holidays in the year – either you’re a complete believer in the love-makes-my-world-go-around mush that Valentine’s Day represents, or you can’t stand to watch blithering buffoons work themselves into frenzy over the overpriced flowers and sickly sweet candies and overrated restaurant specials. Whatever your orientation when it comes to Valentine’s Day, we give you 5 non-romantic things to do, an alternative celebration that makes sense whether you've got a Valentine or not. Before your groan at yet another activity list for the day, remember none of these require a wedding dress dyed black or a heart-shaped piñata! 1. Get your financial paperwork in order Nothing bursts the air out of a pink heart-shaped balloon faster than cold hard practicality. Sit down and figure out if you have enough life insurance, if the estate planning documents are in order, and if you've detailed beneficiary designations (divorce/death/et all). Realign your financial priorities with your spouse/family. It’s as non-romantic as something can be, and yet, it can be the nicest thing you do to make sure your family’s taken care of, whatever happens. 2. Gift a transit pass Or a metro pass or a whatever-your-local-public-transport-is-pass. It’s the exact opposite of an exotic holiday plan. But it’s practical, useful and actually pretty considerate! A great gift for all ages. 3. Make it a family affair Make plans for Valentine’s Day that include the kids. Companionship can be shared by more than two people, and it’ll take the pressure off you to carry a perfectly romantic evening on your tired shoulders. Single? Hang out with a relative who company you enjoy – or take your grandparents out for a meal. 4. Share the love Make this the day you commit to giving a bit of your heart, to the greater good. Call or visit an elderly neighbor who seems alone. Shower some love at your local animal shelter. Donate blood. Help out at a charity. Do a random act of kindness. Write to a friend you’ve lost touch with. 5. Make some ‘me’ time As a couple you do a lot of things together – including celebrating what is an extremely stressful day for most relationships. How about you both head out and do things on your own? You can either treat yourself to some spa therapies, or hang out with your single friends. Curl up with a book or watch your favorite movie – and make no apologies about celebrating your space! Or you could write a blog about how Valentine’s Day is just an over-hyped marketing phenomenon and get a 100 likes on Facebook :) 

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