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5 Amazing Birthday Games

September 17, 2013

For many folks, birthday parties are the equivalent of the Ironman challenges. Get the kid to agree on a theme? Check. Great looking food table and fancy cake? Check. Return favors and decorations? Check. Birthday kid tantrum? Check. A pack of kids with enough energy to bring down the house? Uh-oh. The trick to a great birthday party for kids is actually the easiest. GAMES! Whether its a toddler's party or a teenage bash, there's no better way to send back home happy guests, than have a couple of fantastic games that tire the kids, without tiring you out! Here are some amazing birthday games that are easy to put together: 1. Minute-to-win-it Put out a medley of games, that require concentration and dexterity, put a timer on it, and you've got a bunch of very happy and excited children. Make the games as innovative as you want, or as silly as you please. Move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using hands? Yes! Pick up candies with straws? Yes please! 2. Messy Twister How do make regular twister even more fun? Why, just put blobs of paint on the circles, and you have all the ingredients for a messy game that will have the kids in giggles within no time!
3. Group Juggling One person who can juggle? Super. A group of kids? Phenomenal! Get everyone to stand in a circle, but apart from each other. Give one of them a ball, and they have to toss that ball to the next person and so on. When the first round is completed, introduce a second ball, then a third, then a fourth... The key is to introduce enough balls so that everyone has a ball in the air. This is a great game to get a whole group of kids involved, will keep them on their toes and the best part is, everyone wins! 4. Guess who? Charades are a great group activity that can be played indoors. Hand out a small card with either an animal name or thing. Each child has to 'act' out which animal or thing they are, while the rest of the group guess. They can't use words, so remember to watch out for cheating! For slightly bigger kids, turn this game into a drawing game. Divide the kids into group of two to three, and have them nominate a designated artist. The artist must draw the animal or thing and the group must guess it right before the other groups do! 5. Water world What's a summer party without some water fun? Little one can have play fishing games in small inflated pools, or even do an underwater scavenger hunt. Boys only party? Baseball time with water balloons as balls! Big kids? How about a full fledged water balloon fight? To make things even messier, you could fill the balloons with paint :) One trick to remember whenever you're choosing games for kids, is the Big Step, Small Step rule. One BIG game (lots of running around, good physical activity)? Follow that up with a SMALL game (creativity based, gentler pace). This ensures that the kids are not too burnt out. What's your favorite party game for kids? Have you tried any of these before? Do feel free to share these ideas if you like them!

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