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10 Ways to be a Great Dad

June 10, 2014

When facing a parenthood challenge, it’s always assumed that moms got it all under control and dads need to put in a lot of effort to be perceived as a great parent. As we’re celebrating The Father’s Day, take a moment to appreciate all great dads and everything they did for you. Here is what dads do in order to be a great parent: 1. Teach their kids how to be responsible Fathers can be great influencers when it comes to setting the value system of their kids. Teaching a kid how to respect others, how to be financially responsible or telling the difference between right and wrong is a task that father needs to help with. 2. Protect their family Protecting the family can be a complex task as it requires providing housing, being there for their kids when the times are rough and provide a financial stability. Dads are usually the ones who work hard in order to provide this for the family. In this constant battle to protect the family, dads often sacrifice a lot of their free time. 3. Set rules and discipline We all know that fathers are perceived as the strict parent in the house. Their authority is usually a little bit greater than mom’s. That’s why fathers can give a tough love and be the bad cop if necessary. 4. Support the mom Parenting is a team effort. Happiness is achieved only when both parents are on the same page and putting in the effort to make their family better. That’s why great dads always stand behind the mom’s decisions and vice versa. Also, they help women with daily chores so that moms can have a minute for themselves. 5. Don’t expect things to be perfect Kids make mistakes. That is a part of their growing up. That’s why we should realize that kids can make a mess, get hurt and not be the perfect little angels like we want them to be. Great father can understand that things will go wrong sometimes, but he should also make it clear that irresponsible behavior is not acceptable. 6. Build their self esteem Father should be involved in the main things in his kids lives. He should support their kids during the school play or when they want to start a new hobby. Praising and encouraging kids is the great way to build their self esteem. This will be crucial for their life. It will help them strive and achieve academic or business success later on. 7. Spend quality time with the kids Being home is not always enough. Kids are curious and get bored easily. Try to put some thought in what activities you can do together and plan ahead. Teach them how to ride a bike, read to them or organize a great holiday. Doing a variety of interesting things will help the kids be more imaginative and active. 8. Lead by example Preaching one thing and doing something completely opposite can ruin your credibility with the kids. You are the most important person in their lives and they will look up to you. If you don’t want your kids doing something, you shouldn't let them see you do it. 9. Be fun Yes, we all know how important rules are and teaching your kid how to be responsible. But we should always keep in mind that kids only have one childhood. Even if you’re having a bad day, try to make the time you spend with your kids enjoyable for the whole family. It’s always fun to be childish and join the game. 10. Put their interests first Maybe this one should be no. 1. It’s crucial to remember that from the moment you become a parent, your life changes completely. You are not alone any more and you should remember someone else needs you. All of this might seem too difficult and sometimes impossible, but let’s not forget that father’s unconditional love can work miracles. Is your dad great? Share your story on our facebook page.

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