Company: Testimonials

"Love it, I have not forgotten a birthday since I started this, great site…"


Fredericton, NB Canada

"It's a very wonderful and useful way to remind me of remembering some little things and some big events which happens in my life… this website is really a good friend to keep my life peaceful. I have eagerly recommended to many of my friends. I Hope more and more people know and use this site. Great job guys!!!"

Judy Taylor

Vacaville, California, USA

"I give you a big thank-you for 'Just Because' 'Best Medicine,' 'The Laughing Sheep'…When I want a gut busting laugh…I just sit down & tune into this card…Works every-time. I've sent it to everyone I know…All they can do is laugh out-loud."

Pamela Stauffer

Pt. Angeles, Washington, USA

"I really appreciate this website. The cards are just excellent; great expressions of caring and also hilarious when they need to be. I'm going to be a lifetime member."

Sibyl Brown

Moreno Valley, California, USA

"The site is fantastic especially nowadays when life is so busy that we hardly remember anything…well thanks, at least we get alarmed when our near and dear ones birthday comes…thanks"


Chandigarh, India

"I cannot thank you enough - my extended family and work mates etc etc believe that now that I am the most 'generous' person because I send them birthday cards !! With thanks"


Melbourne, Australia

"I have used Birthday Alarm for about 2 years now. I am so very pleased to share such amazing cards with my family, friends and co-workers. The time and effort that has been put into this site is heartwarming. Thank you for allowing us to use this site and to share our thoughts and feelings with those we care about. I can always find a card that says exactly what I am needing to say!”

Evelyn Young

Normal, Illinois, USA

"At last, I can rest my mind about forgetting birthdays…"

Xue En